EasyWorship 2009 & PowerPoint

In this lesson I will cover importing PowerPoint in to EasyWorship 2009.

Video Details UPDATED 4/18/2012

  1. Importing PowerPoint into EasyWorship 2009
  2. Editing the original PowerPoint and auto update
  3. EasyWorship 2009 build 1.9 and higher support PowerPoint 2010 viewer.
  4. Saving original PowerPoint timing, transitions, animation and design on import.

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  • tim list Reply

    When I edit powerpoint in powerpoint 2007, it does not auto update in easy worship. I am running Windows 7 and have powerpoint 2007 installed and the latest powerpoint view.

    Please help me with this.

    • Tony Reply

      EW stores the actual file path in its files ( database and schedule). You must edit the file in that location for a change to be recognized. If the file was copied from USB drive to EW resource folder then changing USB version will not be recognized, you must manually copy to resource folder before opening schedule.